Project Description


BoardConnect provides services designed to support the boards and management committees of non-profit organisations across Australia.

BoardConnect began in 2008 as an initiative of Positive Solutions. Services have been developed in response to non-profit boards’ ongoing need for advice, support and skill development.

Programs can be tailored to suit each organisation’s specific needs. Services include:

Board Self-Assessments: Working with individual boards to support their periodic self-assessment processes. Our services include facilitated board self-reflection discussions, and board reviews or audits at various levels of detail.

Board Development Workshops: Practical and interactive half-day or full-day workshops designed to help board members understand their roles and to maximise the board’s contribution to the organisation. These workshops can be tailored to suit the needs of one board or designed to involve board members from several organisations.

Regular Events: We present workshops, breakfast briefings, webinars and Creative Leadership Symposia on the most important issues faced by board members and senior staff.

Confidential Telephone Helpline: A confidential starting point for any board-related question or issue. We can provide immediate advice, or we can refer your inquiry to one of our partner business service firms for specialised advice, initially on a pro bono basis.

Fact Sheets: Downloadable fact sheets, resources and templates covering a wide variety of governance topics.

Publications and Articles: A number of useful books, documents and articles on governance.

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