Project Description

Monah Gallery of Art, Photo: Brendan Finn

A Feasibility and Business Case for Monash Integrated Cultural Precinct


The MGA has been the home of Australian photography for 29 years.
The gallery was originally proposed as part of a larger scale project
of cultural facilities on the site. The 2001-2002 large extension
introduced further exhibition spaces and the Wheelers Hilll Library,
and other facilities. Always envisioned with the strategic objective of
co-location to maximise visitation and use of the services, nearly 20
years later the building is at capacity and no longer fit for purpose.
The proposed Monash Integrated Cultural Precinct thus intends for
the Monash Gallery of Art and Wheelers Hill Library, together with
the surrounding sculpture park to be transformed into a cultural
destination for Melbourne’s South East.


Detailed stakeholder consultation informed the identification of
a preferred option for the redevelopment which responds to the
needs of the community while realising the wider aspiration to
achieve a cultural destination for the region. Positive Solutions
assisted with the vision, needs analysis and preliminary and final
Business Case. During our collaboration with The Maytrix Group, we
informed the engagement strategy, funding strategy and governance
model for the project. Past achievements of each institution were
reviewed, along with the efficiency and effectiveness of existing
management models and service delivery, as well as the dynamics of
the changing marketplace.


The Maytrix Group was selected to lead a multi-disciplinary team of
specialists to prepare a feasibility study and Business Case, which
identified a range of options for the development that would realise
the vision for the region. Positive Solutions was invited by The
Maytrix Group to support the development of the Business Case,
and to bring our governance and funding expertise to the project.
Other project consultants included architectus, Y Impact, Slattery,
NineSquared and Paoli Smith. The aim was to deliver a Business Case
which clearly articulates a recommended option, supported by a
well-developed branding and engagement strategy and governance


The feasibility study and business case set out a vision for an
integrated cultural precinct which will be an arts and educational
centre, and a new cultural home for the City of Monash. Leveraging
the strategic inter-relationship of facilities, the redevelopment will
extend the reach both physically and digitally for the Gallery and
Library with partnerships across the country and internationally.
Education and art are integrated to connect, and cross pollinate
across spaces and across the community.