Project Description

by Michelle Eskola

Presented by the Seventh Gallery Melbourne
8th – 23rd September, 2016

Wednesday 7th September, 6–8pm

Gallery 1
Michelle Eskola
Actual / Potential Matter

ACTUAL / POTENTIAL MATTER will present a series of dry pigment paintings on paper, printed acrylic, and artificial coloured lighting, to explore the affect of pigment and illumination in a culture of screen based experiences.

Imitating the effects of imaging software, Michelle Eskola’s illusory works employ a freedom of combining, recombining, and repeating pattern and form. Her process of transmitting image to painting and installation physicalises digital space without privileging the physical.  Through repetition, Eskola mimics mechanical processes, defying the materiality of the medium by disguising evidence of touch. Her works scramble actual and virtual spaces, leading to new emergent formations that unfold shifting perspectives of light, surface and screen.


155 Gertrude Street
Fitzroy VIC 3065

Open Tues–Sat 12pm–6pm