Project Description


Hundreds of non-profit organisations have benefited from our specialised board training programs. We have delivered public, open programs in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Management, the Australia Council for the Arts, State Governments and other agencies, and have delivered customised in-house programs for organisations throughout Australia.

Positive Solutions also undertakes board evaluations or assessments, to enable non-profit organisations to focus on improvements in board practice. We have undertaken dozens of assessments for education, welfare and other organisations.

In 2008, Positive Solutions established BoardConnect in response to a perception that boards of non-profit organisations have a need for ongoing advice, support and skill development. Fact sheets, articles, information about upcoming governance events and more are available at the BoardConnect website:

David Fishel’s The Book of the Board, recently published in its third edition, remains the most comprehensive guide for board members of non-profit organisations in Australia.

Some of our recent projects include:

  • Board development and strategic direction, Queensland South Native Title Services
  • Governance review and development, Regional Arts Australia
  • Board review, Brisbane Festival
  • Board review, Lucy Guerin
  • Board review, Kickstart Arts
  • Board review and strategic planning facilitation, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects
  • Board development workshop, Youth Without Borders