Project Description


A number of high profile directors and business specialists contributed to the third edition of David Fishel’s The Book of the Board, which includes new and updated material on the governance of non-profit boards.

The Book of the Board has become Australia’s standard reference book for board and committee members of non-profit organisations. It provides clear guidance on the role of the board, formal and legal responsibilities, and the ways in which the board can maximise its effectiveness for the organisation.

Much is changing in the non-profit world, and the third edition of The Book (released October 2014) has been designed with this in mind. New material has been added on the competitive environment, on strategic planning, on risk management and on fundraising. Significant contributions have been added from several specialists.

This extract has been adapted from the Introduction to the new edition.

There were many thoughtful and informative interviews which could not be included in the latest edition of The Book of the Board. However, the following interviewees have been happy to approve the separate publication of their interviews:

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