Project Description

At the end of a year of separations, a time of togetherness

Enjoy your Christmas and Summer holiday

With warm wishes from the Positive Solutions team

Our card image, Invasive Native, is commissioned from Indigenous artist Jenna (Mayilema) Lee, and features a plant in Kew Gardens, London.

About the artwork:
Multidisciplinary artist, Jenna Lee’s practice explores the act of identification and labelling, and the relationship between language and object. Lee is a mixed Larrakia, Wardaman, and Karajarri woman who recently returned to Australia after living and working in the UK. ‘Still an Invasive Native’ is part of an ongoing response to a collection of Australian native gum trees in the Kew Gardens, London. Far removed from their country, Lee found comfort in the plants’ ability to thrive in a hostile environment, drawing parallels with her own separation from home. – Written by Freja Carmichael